It all started with a great piece of bread...

    The crumb was light yet chewy with lots of bubbles and a beautiful burnished brown crust.  It had weight to hold my sandwich together, but buckled with every bite, giving way to all the tasty fillings inside. This bread tasted like the wheat it was made out of, earthy, sweet, with almost a nutty quality.  I ate an entire loaf of this bread in a matter of hours.  Great bread will do that to you.

I was thinking of that piece of bread when I had yet another disappointing pizza in Chicago.  I was tired of that being the record played. The idea that even bad pizza is good pizza should never be the rhetoric.  I wanted better, and I thought everyone around me did too.

 So I embarked on a journey that started with humble beginnings.  2 nights a week at my alma mater, Floriole Bakery in Chicago.  Making pizza, over and over, until people started to take notice. It took some time and a couple reiterations before I got it right, but it was a benchmark.

  I was right, people did want better pizza. A light and delicate crust, pillowy and tender, but with enough strength to hold a steady change of toppings.  Sauces that are never cloyingly sweet.  Fresh garlic, fresh thyme, flavors that remain vibrant after a blistering 900 degree oven.  All those flavors married together into one familiar bite.

 And now I'm sharing that with you. Pizza from the hearth. Our house to yours.


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